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454 Casull Ammo For Sale


454 Casull ammo for sale. Regarding powerful handgun cartridges, the 454 Casual stands out as one of the most potent options available. Developed in the late 1950s by Dick Casull, this cartridge has gained a reputation for its incredible power and accuracy. 

History and Development

The 454 Casull cartridge was initially developed to upgrade to the famous 45 Colt cartridge. Dick Casull, a talented gunsmith, recognized the potential for improving the performance of the 45 Colt by increasing its power and velocity. By lengthening the case and strengthening it to handle higher pressures, Casull created a cartridge capable of delivering exceptional performance.

Ballistics and Performance

The 454 Casual is known for its impressive ballistics. A typical bullet weight ranging from 240 to 360 grains can achieve muzzle velocities of up to 1,900 feet per second. Heavy bullets and high speeds result in tremendous stopping power and deep penetration. The cartridge’s energy transfer upon impact is substantial, making it ideal for hunting large game or for self-defense in bear country.

The 454 Casull’s ballistics also contribute to its long-range accuracy. Shooters can confidently engage targets at extended distances with their flat trajectory and minimal bullet drop. However, it is essential to note that mastering the recoil of this powerful cartridge is crucial for maintaining accuracy.


The primary application of 454 Casull ammo is hunting. Its immense power makes it suitable for taking down large games such as elk, moose, and grizzly bears. The cartridge’s deep penetration ensures a clean kill, minimizing the risk of wounded animals escaping. Additionally, the 454 Casull’s accuracy and long-range capabilities make it a favorite among handgun hunters who prefer the challenge of taking down the game at extended distances.

In addition to hunting, the 454 Casull is also a popular choice for self-defense in areas where encounters with dangerous wildlife are a concern. Its ability to deliver devastating stopping power makes it an excellent choice for protection against large predators, such as bears or cougars. However, due to its substantial and heavy recoil spring requirements, shooters must be proficient and comfortable handling this cartridge in high-stress situations.

Popularity and Availability

Since its introduction, the popularity of 454 Casull ammo has steadily grown among firearms enthusiasts. Its reputation for power and accuracy has made it a sought-after cartridge for those who appreciate the performance capabilities of handguns. As a result, ammunition manufacturers have responded to the demand by offering a wide range of 454 Casull loads. It caters to different shooting preferences and applications.

454 Casull ammo may not be as readily available as more common handgun cartridges. It can still be found in well-stocked gun stores and online retailers. Reloaders also have the option to hand load their ammunition. This allows for customization of bullet selection and powder charge to suit individual needs.


The 454 Casull cartridge is a force to be reckoned with. Its development by Dick Casull revolutionized the power and performance of handgun cartridges. With its impressive ballistics, the 454 Casull is a favorite among hunters and those seeking reliable self-defense against large predators. While its recoil may be daunting for some, the rewards of accuracy and stopping power make it a worthwhile choice for those who appreciate the capabilities of powerful handguns. Whether hunting big game or venturing into bear country, the 454 Casull is a cartridge that delivers power and precision. 454 Casull ammo for sale