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5.7X28 Ammo For Sale


5.7X28 Ammo For Sale, commonly known as 5.7 ammo or 5.7x28mm Ammo, is a unique and versatile cartridge that has recently gained popularity. Initially developed for military and law enforcement, this ammunition has entered the civilian market due to its impressive performance and innovative design. 

The Origins and Design of 5.7x28mm Ammo

5.7X28 Ammo For Sale. The 5.7x28mm ammunition was introduced in the early 1990s by FN Herstal, a Belgian firearms manufacturer. It was specifically designed for the FN P90 submachine gun and the FN Five-seveN pistol. The goal was to create a compact, lightweight cartridge that offered enhanced penetration capabilities while maintaining controllability and reduced recoil. 5.7X28 Ammo For Sale

The design of the 5.7X28 Ammo is based on a bottlenecked case with a small caliber projectile. The bullet diameter is 5.7mm, hence the name, and it typically weighs between 23 to 40 grains. The cartridge operates at relatively high velocities, with muzzle velocities ranging from 1,800 to 2,350 feet per second, depending on the specific load.

One of the distinguishing features of the 5.7x28mm ammo is its armor-piercing capability. The bullet design incorporates a steel penetrator tip, which enhances its ability to defeat body armor and other barriers. This makes it an attractive option for military and law enforcement applications where penetrating power is crucial. 5.7 ammo

 Versatility and Uses of 5.7x28mm Ammo

While initially developed for military purposes, the 5.7x28mm ammunition has also gained popularity among civilian shooters. Its versatility makes it suitable for various applications, including self-defense, target shooting, and varmint hunting. 5.7X28 Ammo For Sale

In terms of self-defense, the 5.7x28mm ammo offers several advantages. Its high velocity, and armor-piercing capabilities make it effective against potential threats by wearing body armor or hiding behind the cover. Additionally, its reduced recoil allows for faster follow-up shots and better shot placement, increasing the chances of neutralizing a threat effectively.

For target shooting enthusiasts, the 5.7x28mm ammo provides a unique shooting experience. The flat trajectory and minimal bullet drop at longer ranges make it ideal for precision shooting. Its relatively low recoil also improves accuracy, allowing shooters to maintain better control over their firearms. 5.7X28 Ammo For Sale

Varmint hunters have also embraced the 5.7x28mm ammo for its excellent performance against small game. The bullet’s high velocity and energy transfer result in quick and humane kills, minimizing suffering and maximizing efficiency. 5.7 ammo

Advantages of 5.7x28mm Ammo

The 5.7x28mm ammunition offers several advantages over other popular cartridges. One of the primary advantages is its lightweight nature. The cartridge’s compact size and reduced weight allow for higher magazine capacity, making it particularly appealing for military and law enforcement applications. 5.7X28 Ammo For Sale

Another advantage is the reduced recoil of the 5.7x28mm ammo. This makes it easier to control during rapid-fire situations, improving accuracy and target acquisition speed. The lower recoil also contributes to less shooter fatigue during extended shooting sessions.

Furthermore, the armor-piercing capability of the 5.7x28mm ammo sets it apart from many other cartridges. This feature adds confidence for users who may encounter heavily protected targets or barriers.

Limitations and Considerations

While the 5.7x28mm ammunition offers numerous advantages, it is also essential to consider its limitations. One of the main concerns is the availability and cost of the ammunition. Due to its specialized nature, 5.7x28mm ammo may not be as readily available or affordable as more common calibers. 5.7X28 Ammo For Sale

The limited bullet weight options may also restrict its effectiveness against the giant game or in specific hunting scenarios. Choosing the appropriate bullet weight and design for the intended purpose is crucial to ensure optimal performance.

Lastly, the penetration capabilities of the 5.7x28mm ammo may raise concerns in specific environments, such as indoor shooting ranges or densely populated areas. It is essential to adhere to all safety guidelines and regulations to prevent unintended consequences.


The 5.7x28mm ammunition has proven versatile and practical in various applications. Its unique design, armor-piercing capabilities, and reduced recoil make it an attractive choice for military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters. While it may have some limitations, the advantages of the 5.7x28mm ammo outweigh them for those seeking a high-performance cartridge. We can expect further advancements and improvements in this intriguing ammunition as its popularity grows. 5.7X28 Ammo For Sale